*NEW* Bi-fold Library Bed!

Q = 68W x 90H x 24D (16+8)

FINALLY - by popular demand - "The NEW Library Bed"!

That's right - we've got 'em. We had received many requests over the years for "the library bed" but were underwhelmed with the design and quality of sliding library bookcase mechanisms available at the time. Probably about 10 yrs. ago I agreed to install a couple of these ill-fated units for a customer that had purchased them on-line from back east. They arrived KD (knocked down) and in 100 pieces (missing some as well). The instructions were missing key information & it took me (an installer with MANY years of experience) 2 days to complete. The beds worked so-so and needed an 11 foot wall to be able to open the bookcases all the way to lower the bed. I knew there must be a better way. Low and behold we stumbled upon a manufacturer of heavy duty pivoting bookcase mechanisms which allowed for bi-folding, pivoting shelves. You can do a Queen with only an 8 foot wall. We build these units out of premium Pro-core plywood for lightness and added strength. Choose from Oak, Maple, Alder, or Cherry. Shelves can be spaced as you request. Optional side cabinets can be in matching Vail, Tahquitz, Tuscany, Newport, & Strada real wood styles - pick your stain color. Come to our showroom and try it out for yourself!

Library Bed closed

Bi-fold bookcases open

Open with "next bed" mechanism

Side view

Library Bed Tahquitz Alder

Library Bed Tahquitz Alder open

Ox Blood!

Ox Blood! open

Ox Blood! side helves

Library Bed

Library Bed "loaded"

Library Bed